St Panteleimon Church

Location: Harrow, NW London GIA: circa 650m2 The first Byzantine style church to be constructed in the United Kingdom for over 100 years. The new church is approximately 32m long by 23 m wide on plan with a maximum height at the top of the main dome of 17.5 m above existing ground level and is founded on a reinforced concrete piled raft. The superstructure of the Church has been designed using reinforced concrete as the preferred construction material for the load bearing elements. Concrete is ideal for this structure as it can be readily moulded to form all the required intricate arch barrel and dome shapes synonymous with a Byzantine styled building, with the benefit of the added strength of the internal reinforcing bars. The exterior of the building will be clad with 215 thick masonry and stonework in order to replicate the traditional look of a Byzantine Church. A once in a lifetime opportunity on its own to be involved with this project that will be a testament to the Greek Orthodox Community of Harrow and will be cherished for many years to come.
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